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Alaina... on community and visiting Third Place

This isn’t specifically about Sunday but I thought I’d share because God just spoke it to me. 

Recently I got the opportunity to drive down to Queen Creek and see the Church/Third Place. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and as I was driving away I couldn’t help but feel like that was also a home, and the people there were a family. Those who walked in were greeted by employees who cared enough, not only to remember their names, but to remember their story and to care for their soul. The overwhelming sense of love and hospitality stuck with me. I realize that this is how it should be with God’s people, we should be radiating His love like this. 

The whole experience reminded me of a saying you might have heard before: 

“You may be the only glimpse of Jesus that people ever see.”

I pray this becomes our mission, to actively portray Jesus in our everyday lives. 

The mission field is wherever you are. 

The harvest is plenty.

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